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About Artist:

Education: Bachelor of Visual Art, Muchina College of Industrial Art in St. Petersburg, Russia 1988 - 1992

After retiring early from a 25 year career in rock music business he began as a acrylicist and was strongly influenced by such artists as Gustav Klimt, Maurice Denis, Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, Edgar Degas. 

Since moving to Toronto, Dmitri has migrated from brush to pouring acrylics, working often with palette knives to achieve the unique depth and dimension that is his trademark. He  has developed a special love for the space and silence, shuniya, which are the subject of many of his works.  According to Dmitri, "Silence is the mother of music where colors are notes." 

The artist has become a fixture in the north of Toronto, where he creates small air sketches and studies that later form the basis for the majestic space scenes in acrylic on large 50"x 50" canvases, for which he is best known. 

Who is Mr. Matkovsky now, a musician, a freelance writer, artist or a yoga instructor?


Toronto Library Art Center, Toronto, Canada
"Art into Life" - solo show

Mod Club, Toronto, Canada
"NequilaJazzz" - solo show

Khvost Gallery, Paris, France - solo show
"All St. Petersburg", Central Exhibition Hall Manege , St. Petersburg, Russia
group show

M&M exhibition (D.Matkovsky & K.Miller) in the Dostoevsky Literary Memorial Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

OGI Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Acquisitions and Gifts, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
, Russia
Modern Art Gallery , St. Petersburg, Russia - group show

"All St. Petersburg", Central Exhibition Hall Manege , St. Petersburg, Russia
Khvost Gallery (Khvostenko & Matkovsky), Paris, France

K.Miller Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia  - solo show

International Biennially of modern art, St. Petersburg, Russia
"Post Soviet Art - Ptiza" C. Karsten Gallery, Hamburg, Germany - solo show

Petersburg '94, Central Exhibition Hall Manege, St. Petersburg, Russia
Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia -
group show


More about Music career:

To read about Matkovsky in Rock, please visti It's not about Putin, it's about Put In Rock, about soviet rock.